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Category: Diversity in tech

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5 ways to solve the tech industry’s diversity problems Read
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Category: Women in technology

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Rebecca Minkoff Wil Meer Vrouwen in de Techniek Read

Category: Female entrepreneurs

Why Female Entrepreneurs Don’t Need To Code To Build A Million-Dollar Tech Company Read
Four ways female entrepreneurs can fly in 2015 Read

Category: Entrepreneurship

New Announcements to Support Inclusive Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Home U.S. Read
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Een op de vier bestuurders is vrouw Read
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Hire People Who Aren’t Like You Read

Category: Digital economy

GDP cannot explain the Digital Economy Read
Where the digital economy is moving the fastest Read

Category: Coding

Is your child coding yet? Read
Why coding is still the most important job skill of the future Read
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Tienjarigen laten zombies vliegen Read
Nederlands ICT onderwijs achterhaald Read
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