Project Prep

Introducing Project Prep

A book that informs, amazes and inspires

It’s incredibly important that we encourage women who work in technology to aim for top positions. That’s one of the reasons we shine a light on the top women who are paving the way for more diversity in tech. It’s potentially even more important that we strive to educate and inspire the next generation. Girls apparently lose interest in technology around 11, mainly because they think they can’t do it. 

With Project Prep, we’re out to inform, amaze and inspire young girls that tech is just as much for girls as it is for boys. Project Prep will be series of novels that for children and young adults between 10 and 14 years old. The books will all guide children through the amazing possibilities technology gives us, with problems they can relate to.

HM Queen Maxima of the Netherlands honored us by receiving the first edition of the first book  on the 17th of June 2017. It’s written by renowned children’s author Niki Smit, with whom we’ve created a smart, funny and engaging novel. The introduction was written by Neelie Kroes, board member of Uber and Salesforce and one of the Inspiring Fifty.

On April 21st 2016, we published the local edition of Project Prep in Sweden. The introduction to this edition was written by the famous and influential youtuber Clara Henry. We’ve also published a special American edition, and plan to release the UK edition later this year.

Watch this space for news and updates about our local editions!

The aim of the book

The story’s main character Isabel grows into a strong role model as the story progresses. Isabel is relatable for anyone as readers follow her on her own technological and entrepreneurial journey.

The book was written with 3 major goals in mind.

  • We wanted to engage and inspire 10-14 year old girls and young women with a story about them. A story that shows how real, exciting and cool a career in technology can be.
  • We also want to encourage girls to pursue an education in science and mathematics. Not just because they have to for school, but because they experience them as fun and important.
  • And last but not least, we want to catalyse support for the investment in technological education and entrepreneurship. We need to start teaching the history and philosophy of technology just as much as coding. We want to help drive new standards for our primary and secondary students, bringing these topics on par with others.

The story

Our 13 year-old hero, Isabel, does not understand clothes. How to combine the right pieces in her closet is a big mystery to her, yet she wants nothing more than to arrive at school in style. Luckily she has Kate, her best friend and fashion genius. Only, Kate is not always around. So Isabel started thinking of making an app… “How to automate Kate?”.

Hello, technology! To create her fashion app, Isabel learns how to code. And so Project Prep is born. But her journey has only just begun. Having an idea, launching an app and even getting into Apple’s app store were huge hurdles to take. And it turns out there is more to being an entrepreneur, building a team, and managing a technology company. All of these challenges prove to be quite daunting – scary sometimes, too – but also a lot of fun!

Speaking of things that are scary, daunting, and fun, it’s not all business for our Isabel! Along the way, she gets some long-distance help from Tyler in New York City. Is she going to fall in love with a super-nerd, or not? As always with Project Prep, only time will tell…